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Why web design?

Are you interested in…

Financial Freedom?

Freedom to work from anywhere in the world?

Freedom to set your own schedule?

Freedom to choose whom you work with?

Web design helps you achieve your goals.

Who am I?

I’m Leighton, your webmaster.

Years of Experience

Websites Designed

I am an enthusiastic entrepeneur, traveler and community volunteer. I created my website design agency, Pioneer Media, in 2006. Hundreds of clients later, I’m sharing my secrets so you can create your own web design & development business.

What You Will Learn


Fundamentals of Web Design

In our first series of lessons, we learn the fundamentals of web design. These lessons will explore:

  • Coding
  • Domain Names
  • Hosting Servers
  • Emails
  • SSL Security
  • WordPress
  • Divi


How to Build a Website

  • In the following lessons, we’ll dive right into designing and developing one-page, multi-page, eCommerce and mobile-friendly websites.
  • Later, we’ll consider how to get inspiration for our designs, where to find images and graphics and what software we might need.


How to Build a Brand

In this series, we pivot from web design to learn about creating a brand for your business. Specifically, we’ll learn:

  • What is a brand? How do you create a memorable, lovable brand?
  • Ideas for your web design brand, which include the structure of your web design brand, the name of your business, domain name, professional email address, logo and business cards.
  • How to build your web design brand’s website.
  • How to promote your new web design brand.


Search Engine Optimization

In this series of lessons, we talk about one of the most valuable services you can provide when designing a website: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • What is search engine optimization? How do search engines work? How do you improve your rankings?
  • 10 On-Site SEO Techniques: Crawl Accessibility, Compelling Content, Keyword Optimization, User Experience, Page Speed, Mobile-Friendliness, Image Optimization, SSL, Internal Links, Title & Description
  • 6 Off-Site SEO Techniques: Reviews, Social Proof, External Links, Popularity, Google My Business, Google Search Console
  • How do you sell SEO services as part of your web design business?


Website Maintenance Plans

In this series of lessons, we learn one of the most exciting parts of being a website designer — the Website Maintenance Plan! Specifically, we’ll discuss the 4 major parts of your maintenance plan:

  • Hosting Services
  • Website Management Services
  • Site Updates & Support
  • Website Security Services

We also consider practical ways you can price and sell your maintenance plan to start generating recurring revenue and passive income.


How to Serve Clients

In this series of lessons, we learn the most important part of running a successful website design business: Serving Clients!
In fact, we’ll be learning every step of the web design process:

  1. Earning & Interviewing Clients
  2. Quoting Websites
  3. Sending Proposals & Contracts
  4. Invoicing & Taxes
  5. Onboarding Clients
  6. Designing & Developing Websites
  7. Polishing & Launching Websites
  8. Maintaining Your Clients


Conclusions & Takeaways

To wrap up the course, we go over a few Conclusions, Caveats and Key Takeaways. Specifically, we consider:

  • 10 Key Takeaways for Success
  • 10 Things I Wish I Knew When Starting My Web Design Busines
  • 10 Things to Avoid as You Conduct Business

Common Questions

Do I have access to all lessons when purchased?

Yes! Your purchase will unlock access to every lesson of every section.

Do I have lifetime access to this course?

Absolutely! There is no expiration once you have purchased.

What format is the course in?

Each lesson has a video with written captions, images and walkthroughs. All lessons contain homework. Some lessons contain downloadable resources.

Are there tests or quizzes?

Nope! Nothing stressful like that. Each lesson does contain homework and “Pause and Do” opportunities to put into practice what you’re learning.

How long are the lessons?

Each lesson is between 10 and 60 minutes. The entire course is 17 hours long; yes, it is absolutely value-packed!

Is the price one-time or recurring?

One time! Purchase the course once and you have lifetime access.

Success Stories

This course is Amazing! Everything I learned so far for Web Design is because of Leighton and his ability to teach and explain in a simple yet elegant style. The illustrations allow for a smooth learning experience which makes it fun. If you truly want to learn how to start your own Web Design business. This course is the one!

Dahrian Barrett

Freelancer, PlexWebDesign

This course is fantastic: A step by step guide to building a Web Design & Web Maintenance business. Not only the business side but also how to actually do the web design, hosting, security, etc. From an author that actually runs a Web Design & Web Maintenance business. Incredible!

I have done a few other courses on this topic, but they all felt short because the content was mediocre advice, the author had a wrong mindset, or the author was a guru who didn’t even own an agency at all. Some of them had good nuggets of advice, but I always felt insecure about building my own business.

Not anymore. Leighton’s course will give you the confidence and all the tools you need to deliver excellent results for your clients and run a successful web design business. And now I finally feel empowered to build mine. Thank you so much Leighton for creating this curse and giving so much value to the world. I wish you the best!

Ruben Avalos

The facts are explained in an easy and logical way so that everybody can follow and understand. Leighton is motivating and enthusiastic . He’s giving a lot’s of hints and details to consider. He is sharing his experiences in a structured way with us. Thank you Leighton.

Pamela Gharibian

This course has exceeded my expectations! Leighton makes the information accessible with his clear and engaging style. In just a few lessons, he has vastly expanded my knowledge of website design. I’m eager to start each new session and look forward to completing the course. I feel confident that I will be able to easily put to use the things I am learning. Thank you, Leighton!

Rebecca Losh

This is helping so much to re-boot my business as things have changed so much from when I started in 2004 with 1and1.com… Appreciate all you do!

Vicky Whitford

Web Designer & Developer, Vickys Webs

This is one of those rare tutorials that actually lays out a solid business plan for a pretty low risk opportunity. The step-by-step guide laid out in these videos is very valuable.

Michael Schoenbeck

I love this guys energy and real clarity. I wish he could teach me everything about tech! Most courses are so much fluff as they try to stair step you to the meat and potatoes. If anyone out there wants a crash deep dive into all things website building I recommend this course 1000%.

Lauren Hall

This course answered a myriad of questions I had about web design and running a web design business. I will now go back through the course and begin to implement his suggestions. One note of constructive criticism. Some of the videos appear to have been recorded at a lower volume than others making them hard to hear. This may be due to the equipment on my side so I still feel this qualifies for 5 stars. Also some other courses about WordPress make a big deal about child-themes. This course made no mention of that(as far as I can remember). I don’t have enough experience to know if this is a big deal or not. Aside from these minor points this course is well worth the $. In fact I would have been willing to pay a lot more had I truly understood what it could do for me. Layton presents the info in an upbeat , clear and way. Clearly he has had much training in teaching and public speaking.

Dana Feldman

I’m very impressed with this course and Leighton. There’s so much value here for someone looking to start a web design business. The proposal & contract documents were worth the price alone for me.

Z Brett

I have been dabbling off and on with the idea of doing web design for a while. This meant that I was somewhat familiar with some of the topics covered in this course. There were, however, pieces of information that I hadn’t yet encountered. I really appreciated the list approach used throughout the course and especially in the latter parts. I did find the delivery a bit slow initially so I watched most of the course on 1.5X speed. I mention this because that worked well for me and others might benefit from this. I thank Leighton for the time and clear thoughtfulness he put into this.

Eric Sanders

The instructor speaks in a clear measured tone. For me, as a novice, this is what I need to thoroughly learn this program.

Kenneth Clark

This course is exactly what I needed to kickstart my freelance career! The lesson is comprehensive, easy to follow, and includes step-by-step tutorials and homework assignments that helped me to practice what I learned. I was so intimidated to start learning about web design and SEO, but Leighton makes it enjoyable and understandable. I especially loved all of the free resources that Leighton suggests to help you get started. I can’t recommend this course enough!

Paige Smith

Freelancer in Ireland

So glad I purchased this course. I love his energy & enthusiasm. Highly recommend!

Janna Fernandez

Thank you Leighton. I had been looking for a part-time business to support the volunteer work my wife and I do. I hope I can be successful. Thank you so much for passing on your expertise through this course!

Richard Geer



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