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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we’ll talk about the Divi WordPress Theme and learn:

  1. What is Divi?
  2. What makes Divi so special?
  3. How much does it cost?


Lesson Transcription

Welcome! I’m Leighton, your webmaster. Today, let’s expound on the previous lesson, WordPress, by exploring my favorite theme, Divi. Have you heard of Divi? Divi is awesome. Divi changed everything.  Let’s find the answers to these questions:

  1. What is Divi?
  2. What makes Divi so special?
  3. How much does it cost?

What is Divi?  Divi is a WordPress Theme. See, WP is a CMS, but it utilizes plugins and themes. Plugins give WP extra functionality, while themes give it style.  Divi is one of the most popular themes available. Created back in 2013 by ElegantThemes.com, it has rapidly evolved and matured thanks to a brilliant team of developers who are constantly adding and refining features.  Divi comes with over 40 modules, including text, images, galleries, newsletter signups, contact forms, blogs, testimonials, and much more. There’s pretty much a module for everything. Let’s look at Divi’s own web page.

Demonstrate ElegantThemes.com/gallery/divi

What makes Divi so special?  Let’s take a step back. When you think of “Code,” what comes to mind? Typing or painting? Definitely typing. “Code” is not visual at all. Not in the least. WordPress is halfway there with a WYSIWYG editor (like the bold, italic, underline, alignment, colors in Microsoft Word), but you still have to click save and reload your web page to see the updates. Divi bridged that gap. Divi founded the Visual Builder, which lets you visually build and design your website based on how it’s actually going to look! Divi wants you to feel like you’re painting a masterpiece — not typing or coding one.  And, you no longer have to waste time switching between the backend and the frontend.  Plus, with Divi, you can change content, tweak design, and even fine-tune advanced settings, all through their easy-to-use interface.  Finally, most WordPress themes typically look the same when you deploy them on multiple websites. What do you think would be the downside of building a bunch of websites that all look the same? Well, would you prefer to live in a house that looks like every other house in the neighborhood? Or do you personalize your home?  Businesses want their website to feel unique. And if you use it skillfully, Divi can accomplish that.  How much does it cost?  Depending on the current sales, Divi is typically about $75/year or around $200 for a lifetime membership. 

THIS IS KEY: Since you’re pursuing a website design business, the lifetime membership is absolutely your best choice. One client, and Divi pays for itself. I bought into this theme back in 2013 and have used it on hundreds of websites. This is completely worth the investment, and yes, it’s a tax write-off! 

Divi is awesome, and let’s recap the reasons:

  1. Divi lets you build a website visually.
  2. It’s versatile and allows you to design customized websites that look and feel unique.
  3. It’s been around since 2013 and has matured tremendously.
  4. $200 will get you a lifetime membership that can be used on all of your clients’ websites.

In the next set of lessons, we’ll take a hands-on look at Divi and the Visual Builder as we build your first website!

I’m Leighton, and now you know… Divi!


Lesson Homework

Visit Elegant Themes. Get to know this amazing company including its flagship product, Divi. Go ahead and purchase your membership so you’ll be ready to start using it.

Elegant Themes


Lesson Notes & FAQs

  • Question: Are there any key features that Elementor Pro have over Divi ? I currently try to decide which one to buy and I’m trying to justify Elementor Pro’s yearly cost to Divi’s 1 time cost of $ 250. thanks
  • AnswerHello! I am a big fan of Divi. I have used Elementor a bit, but my preference is definitely Divi. It is so easy to use yet powerful. There are several visual builders out there (Elementor, Beaver, Divi, Oxygen), and you can find plenty of comparison articles online which list the pros and cons of each. Personally, I’m all for Divi!