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Lesson Overview

Images are some of the most important pieces of content on a website.

In this lesson, we’ll learn Where to Find Image Assets and consider 3 scenarios:

  1. When the client provides their own images
  2. When you look for stock graphics
  3. When you bring in a photographer


Lesson Transcription

Welcome! I’m Leighton, your webmaster. Today, let’s discuss where to find images. Images are some of the most important pieces of content on a website. Why? Well, what is your eye drawn to when you first pull up a website? The boring paragraphs or the attractive photos?

What would a restaurant website be without mouth-watering images of food? What would a photographer’s website be without images of their work?  A hotel site without pictures of the rooms?

Yes, images can be some of the most important elements of a web page. But where do you find graphics and images for your project? You have several options. In this lesson, we’ll consider:

  1. When the client provides their own images.  
  2. When you look for stock graphics.   
  3. When you bring in a photographer.

The client provides their own images.

Most clients will offer some photos to start out with. Obviously, they’ll be giving you their logo… But what else. Think of a Gallery or Portfolio page. A roofer will display photos of his roofing projects. A remodeler may upload before & afters of their work. Artists will showcase their art. Most of the time clients will already have these photos handy when the website project begins.

What’s the best way for them to send you photos? Try Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud, and make sure they send you the highest resolution possible. Some clients want to send hundreds of photos, so I’ll typically ask that they send only the “best of the best.” We want to avoid putting sub-par imagery on the site. If they do send you a bunch of photos, you can take the creative liberties to weed through and pick out the best.

Stock photography

Have you heard of stock photos?  What kind of photos can you download? How much do they cost? Let’s see.

First, what companies come to mind when you think of STOCK?

  • iStock
  • Adobe Stock
  • Shutter Stock
  • Getty

Tthese companies have millions of photos in their catalogue. You can find pretty much anything! And the more respected the stock site is, the stricter their quality guidelines will be.

What’s the cost? Stock images will typically run between $10 and $50 per asset. They can run higher if you need exclusivity. Most stock sites have subscription plans that bring the per-image cost down by purchasing several assets per month. So the cost depends on the website, license type, resolution, and subscription plan. Let’s see an example. (Demonstrate Adobe Stock)

There are also free photo sites! For years they were full of low-quality, but in the past few years, a few amazing resources have popped up: Unsplash and Pixabay. These sites enforce high-quality and don’t charge anything for image downloads. They just encourage giving credit to the photographer. Let’s give Unsplash a look. (Demonstrate Unsplash)

PAUSE: Please pause the video and visit Do a few searches so you can see what type of photos are available on Unsplash.

Hire a photographer

If the client doesn’t have quality photos and you aren’t finding anything on stock, it might be time to bring in a photographer. This will be your most expensive option. What kinds of photographers are out there? Portrait photographers can take professional headshots for your client’s About Us or Team page. Commercial photographers can take professional photos of the interior & exterior of a rental, hotel, cabin, office, home or whatever else.

Bringing in a professional photographer for your website project does add a little expense (which you just incorporate in your quote), but the results are well worth the investment.

Where do you find a quality photographer? There are tons of “photographers” out there. You should look for a respected, certified one. Network with various photographers so you can get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses. Make a note of which photographer prefers what type of projects. Find ones that will appreciate the work you send their way, especially by sending website design jobs back your way!


  • Prioritizing HD photography is a wise investment. It will elevate your design project to the next level. And the more impressive the website, the greater chance the visitor will turn into a paying customer.
  • There are several ways to obtain graphics for your project:
    • 1. The client sends their own photos
    • 2. You can find free and paid stock images
    • 3. Hire a professional local photographer. 

HOMEWORK: Check out Adobe Stock and Unsplash. Get familiar with their cost and what they offer for your projects.

I’m Leighton, and now you know… images!


Lesson Homework

Check out Adobe Stock and Unsplash. Get familiar with their cost and what they offer for your projects.