Fundamentals of Web Design

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Lesson Overview

In our first series of lessons, we will learn The Fundamentals of Web Design. These lessons will explore:

  • Coding
  • Domain Names
  • Hosting Servers
  • Emails
  • SSL Security
  • WordPress
  • Divi Theme


Lesson Transcription

If you’re brand new to this industry, you might be wondering: What’s involved in building a website? Where do you even begin? When I started building websites 15 years ago, I had to learn code. Have you heard of code? Do any coding languages come to mind?

Here’s are 4 major web programming languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

  • HTML is the basic programming language of all websites.
  • CSS gives your website: design, color, style.
  • Javascript gives your website functionality.
  • PHP lets you interact with servers and databases.

I’ll go into more detail on those in the next lesson, but you might be thinking: coding is expensive and difficult to learn, right? No. It really depends on which language and what your needs are, but there is a wealth of free resources out there. If you’re interested in learning code, I wouldn’t pay a dollar for that knowledge.

⭐️ KEY POINT: Take advantage of all the free education and services you can find. ⭐️

And honestly, learning to code a website is far easier than coding mobile apps and computer software like Excel and PowerPoint. That’s way over my head!

While it’s valuable to have a basic understanding of how these programming languages work, nowadays, it’s optional, thanks to Content Management Software like WordPress, and visual site builders like the Divi theme, which we’ll discuss a few lessons from now.

How would you define a website? It’s your little slice of the Internet. A website requires a domain name (like a .com) so people know where to find you — think of it like an actual home address! And, while houses live in neighborhoods, your website lives on a server, which can hold several sites. And, like the lock on your front door, websites can be secured as well, with an SSL security certificate. Really, starting a web design business is like building a new subdivision — the land is ready to build a thriving community!

In the following lessons, we’re going to expound on the fundamentals of web design, especially… Coding, Domain Names, Web Hosting, Email Accounts, SSL Certificates, WordPress, Divi, and more.

Not only will we gain an understanding of these topics, but also how to create business opportunities out of them. Each lesson will have homework, where you can put into practice what we’ve learned as you build your website design business.

Please enjoy the following lessons!